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November 25, 2021

#Colombia #Cartagena #Caribbean

Colombia is Calling You Can not Miss the adventure!

Vast and varied tracts of stunning terrain. The irresistible pull of a thousand rhythms. Sizzling-hot cultural icons with tens of millions of fans worldwide. No wonder Colombia has been having a major moment.

Maybe you were an early trend-spotter with Shakira’s stage-shaking champeta rhythm at last year’s Super Bowl. Or with The New York Times’ inclusion of the Llanos in 52 Places to Love. Of course, these last few months, it’s been Maluma’s Papi Juancho tour grabbing headlines and the spotlight. But if the increasingly caliente Colombian vibe has somehow eluded you, odds are, you’ll catch it this month, when Disney’s star-powered Encanto debuts with a magical vision of the country.

Not that Colombia requires help in that department: The real-life version is as dreamy as it gets. The planet’s most biodiverse country per square meter—from the Andes to the Amazon, the coffee farms to the Caribbean corals, the pink river dolphins to the red-fan parrots—this is a place whose real-life lure is even stronger than you’ve surmised from stage and screen.

To help you narrow down your adventures once you get there, we’re highlighting favorites across six regions—each distinct and dazzling.

Greater Colombian Caribbean

Rare is the region that offers such gorgeous cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes as #Colombia’s #Caribbean. You probably already know that #Cartagena is a must-see jewel, with its imposing seaside city walls, colorful and cobbled colonial-era center—and captivating musicians and dancers.

Cartagena, Greater Colombian Caribbean

But there’s another rhythm-obsessed city about two hours away that you’ll want to check out, too: Shakira’s hometown. Remember “mira en Barranquilla se baila asi?” The iconic line just begins to hint at the local love of shaking it—and at no point during the year is that love more obvious, or fun, than Carnaval—one of the biggest such festivals in existence. If you can be in town between February 26 and March 1, 2022, you’ll be treated to all manner of eye-popping, hip-swaying fun, from costumed dancers to folkloric characters to a king and queen on parade.
Continuing to make your way up the coast, stop in #Ciénaga, whose dreamy landscapes at the junction of the Caribbean and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta are said to have inspired Gabriel García Márquez’s brand of magical realism. But whether you’re a Gabo fan or not, you’ll want to check out the historic center as well as the hot springs.

From there, it’s just another half hour or so to lovely Santa Marta, where you’ll want to see everything from the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino (the estate where Simón Bolívar spent his final days) to Bastidas boardwalk—named for the city’s founder and known for breezy, beautiful sunsets.

Tayrona National Natural Park, Greater Colombian Caribbean

Santa Marta is also considered the gateway to Colombia’s version of Eden: the Tayrona National Natural Park, named for the indigenous culture that preceded the Spaniards’ arrival here—and blessed with everything from lush, trail-laced jungle-scapes to palm-fringed crescents of stunning Caribbean coastline.

Colombian Pacific
Lesser known to visitors, this stretch of the coast calls to anyone who loves an off-the-beaten-path adventure and hallucinatory nature. One prime example is Utria National Park, an inlet where misty, tropically-forested foothills meet warm, calm waters to the advantage of migratory species (right now, the last of the season’s humpbacks, which overlap with marine turtles that will stick around until January) as well as year-round residents, such as the lovely lace corals of the Chola reef. Whether you’re checking out the crabs underfoot along the mangrove boardwalk or the monkeys and parrots overhead on jungle trails, you’ll see wildlife wherever you look in this protected wilderness.

Bahia Solano in the Colombian Pacific
Base yourself in the charming nearby town of el Valle, and you’ll also have the option to go chasing waterfalls on guided treks into the surrounding jungle (don’t miss El Tigre cascade). Other musts: tasting the locally caught piangua, taking time to chill on a gorgeous beach, and most important, catching a performance by the area’s Afro-Colombian singing groups, whose traditional songs will move you in every sense.

To see one of the most famous modern offshoots of these Afro-Caribbean musical roots, you’ll want to fly farther south—to Cali. Known as the world capital of salsa, this city is made for dancing, with club after club full of late-night hip-shakers on any given night.

Salsa dancing in Cali, Colombian Pacific
Western Colombian Andes
This is a region where two of the country’s most famous hallmarks converge. The first Café. In fact, odds are good that you’re drinking some of Colombia’s finest even as you read this, given the country’s ranking among the top three exporters worldwide.

Coffee in the Western Colombian Andes
But as much as you may love the taste and aroma of Colombian coffee, the settings that give rise to these beans are an experience unto themselves—to the extent that 10 years ago, The Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia earned a #UNESCO World Heritage designation. “An exceptional example of a sustainable and productive cultural landscape,” per UNESCO, the coffee belt includes “18 urban centres on the foothills of the western and central ranges of the Cordillera de los Andes in the west of the country.” Put otherwise: choosing just one coffee finca to visit along this lush and aromatic stretch would be tough, so you’ll probably want to check out the increasingly popular coffee-centric tours. Their main draw is the crop itself, of course, but the people who produce it are no less wonderful. In short order, you’ll feel right at home in their slope-side villages of bahareque (mud, wood and cane) casitas.

The other iconic draw in these parts! #Medellín. Though the world has long since had an understandable fascination with the place—an intrigue that’s only been piqued of late, thanks to Netflix—there’s so much more to the City of Eternal Spring. Look ever so slightly beyond the entertainment world’s version of the surface, and you’ll find one of the most celebrated cultural renaissances anywhere on earth, with emerging artists, chefs and designers flourishing here.

#Medellín in the Western Colombian #Andes
Of course, one local artist is the opposite of an upstart. The nation’s most iconic and globally recognized sculptor, Fernando Botero, is from Medellín, and the city is accordingly heavy (as it were) on Boterismo, as you’ll find at Plaza Botero, Museo Botero and Museo de Antioquia.
Eastern Colombian Andes

Not to be outdone, #Bogotá is having its own moment. Founded almost 500 years ago, with plenty of colonial-era architectural holdovers still dazzling visitors, the city is also decidedly modern. Indeed, its pulsing urban vitality has made Bogotá home base for everyone from the Valentino-turned designer Danielle Corona to World’s 50 Best-anointed chef Sasson.

#Bogotá in the Eastern Colombian Andes
Also juxtaposed against the city’s gorgeous, centuries-old churches, museums and estates is a transit system that’s making international headlines for eco-friendly modernization—from the new gondolas that provide service into the surrounding hillside enclaves to one of the world’s largest electric bus fleets. So getting around is increasingly easy (and easy on the environment). On the shortlist of things you’ll want to explore: the endless market stalls of Paloquemao plaza; the impressive collection of gold artifacts at the Museo de Oro; the patrician mausoleums of the Cementerio Central; the stunning colonial-era collections of the 17th-century Mueso Santa Clara and the numerous craft cocktail additions to the city’s already legendary nightlife scene.

#Villa de Leyva in the Eastern Colombian Andes
On weekend trips from the city, you’ll find a whole circuit of quiet, colonial-era villages to explore. The most famous is Villa de Leyva, all cobblestones, bougainvillea and whitewashed plazas, but other worthy stops include Guadas (with a particularly beautiful mirador) and Honda, the so-called City of Bridges on the Magdalena River.

To trace that same river to its surreal source, head to the Southern Andean stretch known as the Colombian massif. Among the unique natural features of the region are páramos—high-elevation ecosystems dubbed the nation’s “water factory” for the rivers that begin flowing there. In fact, this area is all about unique natural displays, from the elfin forests of the San Juan hot springs to the tiny islands of La Cocha Lagoon to the active volcanic landscapes of the Purace National Park, where, for good measure, you may have a close encounter with a condor.

La Cocha Lagoon in the Colombian Massif
But the cultural traditions of the region are marked by the same sort of singularity. Take, for example, the #Carnaval de Negros y Blancos that’s celebrated in San Juan de Pasto in early January. #UNESCO-designated for its intangible cultural heritage, this festival of varied cultural influences, costumes and customs opens with a city-wide water-tossing fest and includes, arguably, the most of-the-moment ritual on earth: a ceremonial burning of the past year (could any tradition be more relevant or cathartic right now!!!).

Colombian Amazon
While Colombia may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of the #Amazon, consider that within an hour’s flight from Bogotá you can be right at the gateway to the world’s largest river by volume. Leticia is the place that puts you there, and even without leaving city limits, you’ll be surrounded by close to 1000 bird species, almost 7000 plant species and one marquee marine mammal that won’t seem real: the pink river dolphin. Also known as botos, these sly swimmers are of course very much real, but you have to act fast when you see one if you want to capture the moment: Almost as soon as a fin surfaces, it’s back underwater.

Other surreal sights will include the giant water lilies known as Victoria Amazonica, the diminutive piranhas of B movie fame (infinitely cooler to see in the wild) and the slo-mo sloths whose every micro-movement will start to feel like a major event to you.

Colombian Amazon
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March 5, 2021

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January 1, 2021


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October 24, 2020

#Hamilton #Bermuda

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#Hamilton, #Bermuda |

Cut the bottoms off your jeans and grab a rum swizzle – we’re going to Bermuda. The colorful, breezy capital of this island paradise may not have been named after the Broadway hit, but it’s still a showstopper in its own right. Slow-paced and relaxed, this tiny city is like a battery for the weary traveler, giving them a rejuvenating boost of sea air and tranquil hideaways.

Fun Fact:
In August 2020, Bermuda opened applications for their “Work from Bermuda” visa program. The 12-month program is aimed at attracting professionals who are working remotely to work from the island instead.

#Hamilton, #Bermuda Location
N 32.29° / E 64.79°
Many moons ago, when I worked for a major international airlines in NYC, friends and I would pop down to Bermuda for the weekend. The clean air, the truly amazing beaches, were perfect to take the weeks stress away. Two hours!  I know some great out-of-the-way places to stay if one does not want to be in one of the big hotels.

Bermuda is one of those rare places that is gorgeous year-round, which you think would make planning a trip easy. But with the multitude of events that take place throughout the year, it’s hard to pick just one time to visit. Many people prefer the winter off-season when the weather is cooler and there are fewer crowds. But the summer holds plenty of fun activities, like the Harbour Nights street festival, LIV Bermuda, or one of several sailing events. 24|7|365 for your travel plans

#Bermuda |

Sending Out an SOS
There’s a good reason Bermuda has long been the source of superstition. More than 300 ships have wrecked off its coast over the past few centuries, leaving their metal remains for fish and #scuba #divers to find. You can strap on a mask and swim out to these wrecks for some fantastic underwater views. If #scuba #diving isn’t your thing, hop on a hydrobike and cruise out to a shipwreck while staying safely above the water.  #DiveBermuda

#HamiltonBermuda | #AtlanticOcean

Why is the Rum Always Gone?
The streets of Hamilton are a clash of pastel pinks and blues that will charm the Bermuda shorts right off you. Spend the day wandering the quaint back alleys, stopping into a few art galleries or boutiques for a little shopping, or just enjoying the adorable architecture. Don’t forget to wave to the town crierwhile you’re walking around. When your feet get tired, stop in a restaurant to try one of Bermuda’s specialty drinks: a dark and stormy or a rum swizzle. Or, when in doubt, grab a bottle of Gosling’s or Bacardi rum (both headquartered in Hamilton) and mix your own tropical potion. BUT do not drink and drive!

#AdmiraltyHousePark |
If All Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff…
Would you join them! Maybe if you were in Hamilton! Cliff diving is a popular pastime in Bermuda, and if you’re daring enough you might just want to join in. One of the best places to try it out is at Admiralty House Park. Remember to always be safe and cautious, and don’t go jumping off any old cliff you find. Ask a local before you take that leap to make sure you’re jumping from a safe spot. Never ever Never jump alone. Always have a cell phone that has reception, just in case of any mishap.

#BermudaBeaches |

Another Day, Another Beach
You’d be hard-pressed to find a top 10 list without at least one Bermuda beach on it. The most famous and popular beach is #HorseshoeBay, with #TobaccoBay and #ElbowBeach coming in closely behind. With #pink #sand and #blinding #turquoise #water, it’s not too hard to see why these are the favorites. But if you do plan a beach trip, take some time to explore the island and find your own hidden cove to avoid crowds and relax in peace.


“I was born and raised in Bermuda and have lived there my whole life. I take my camera out almost every day but my favourite days are when I go shoot with all my friends at the beach, either surfing, skim boarding, or free diving. My other favourite time was when I got to shoot pictures of whales with my drone off the beach on which I live!”

Make sure you take necessary batteries, chargers and memory cards!

Art Mels – Spicy Dicy |

I Shall Call Him #Squishy
You can’t escape Bermuda without trying a famous #fish #sandwich. The traditional recipe is deep-fried fish fillets with tartar sauce and “the works” which include lots of hot sauce and coleslaw. #ArtMel’s has one of the best takes on this local favorite, but several other restaurants have their own version that you’] will want to check out.

#Bermuda #HamiltonPrincess & Beach Club |

That Princess Life
We’ll just come out and say it…traveling to Bermuda ain’t cheap. So if you’ve been saving your pennies to make this trip happen, might as well enjoy yourself. Luckily, that’s not too difficult in Bermuda. From lavish resorts (like the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club) to trendy boutique hotels (like the Royal Palms Hotel), to quaint inns and bed and breakfasts (looking at you Kingston House), you won’t have any trouble finding a place to fall into bed at night.

#BermudaDreaming |

Be Prepared
Did you know that tourists have some pretty crazy restrictions in Bermuda! Pay attention, because these will affect your travel plans. First, when you are planning a trip to Bermuda make sure you have a return or onward ticket. Visitors can not enter the country on a one-way ticket without proof of plans to leave. Second, tourists are not allowed to rent cars. There are no rental cars on the island, so be prepared to catch a taxi or rent alternate transportation, like a #moped or the super cute #Twizy. Wear a helmet even if an experienced moped rider. When driving in Bermuda, you drive on the #left hand side of the road – so keep this in mind! Driving Side: … in Bermuda the driving convention is on the #LEFT such as in countries like the #UK, #Japan, #India and #Australia.

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October 18, 2020

Low fares to Mexico and the Caribbean

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October 17, 2020

#StLucia Bay Beach Resort & Spa

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Deluxe Beach Front
Boasting Magnificent Ocean Views let this room beckon you to a day on Reduit Beach each morning of your stay. This spacious room sleeps four comfortably, and guests can choose one king bed or two queen beds.

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June 4, 2020

#CaribbeanVacations #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

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Carriacou Island, Grenada
Carriacou Island, #Grenada

As travel was abruptly put on hold earlier this year, recent signs of reopenings and restrictions lifting around the world have given sun chasers everywhere a sign of hope that lounging on a white sandy beach while looking out at shimmering turquoise water may not be too far off.

Specifically, the Caribbean islands have laid out their plans for a “new normal” among locals as well as welcoming back visitors after being forced to take a pause as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe.

In the interim, many islands — like Aruba and Saint Lucia — took the virtual alternative and provided dreamy beach island vibes online, but we all know that nothing can replace the real thing. Below is each island’s reopening plan along with the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus each has recorded since the beginning of the outbreak, according to Johns Hopkins University.


Number of cases: 3

The British overseas territory has closed its #Anguilla airport and ports until at least June 30, according to the UK government. For locals, however, restrictions started to lift on April 30, allowing up to 25 people to gather while practicing social distancing, according to the COVID-19 guidelines.

The island, which has been named the best in the Caribbean by Travel + Leisure readers several years in a row, is known for its scenic hiking, sea turtles, and bird life.

Antigua and Barbuda

Number of cases: 26

#Antigua and #Barbuda opened its borders on June 1 in a phased plan that includes reopening the international airport, according to the government. Visitors are required to wear a mask in all public places. Additionally, visitors must take a COVID-19 test 48 hours prior to arrival and be able to present documentation of negative results. If they’re unable to do so they must pay for a test locally or agree to quarantine at a hotel for 14 days.

This follows the islands’ mitigation efforts in which residents were told not to leave home except for food and emergency supplies, and beaches were closed.


#Aruba, a territory of the #Netherlands, expects to reopen its borders between June 15 and July 1, according to the Aruba Tourism Authority. On May 25, the island allowed outdoor restaurants to reopen but remains under a nightly curfew.

Aruba has implemented a cleaning and hygiene certification program for tourism-related businesses to reassure tourists when they do return. This includes extra cleaning during tasks like handling luggage as well as plexiglass barriers at desks and the use of digital keys.

In the meantime, the island is offering a dose of wanderlust from home with a virtual tour, including a 30-minute calming video of the sights and sounds of Aruba.


Number of cases: Just over 100

The #Bahamas hopes to reopen to commercial travel on July 1, according to the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, with visitors only able to go to the islands where COVID-19 has been contained (including Cat Island and Abaco). Currently, international arrivals are restricted and many resorts and hotels are closed to international travelers.

On June 2, the Bahamas allowed non-essential storefront businesses to open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on certain islands, including Grand Bahama, as part of Phase 3 of its reopening plan, according to the Office of the Prime Minister. Restaurants, however, are still limited to curbside pickup and delivery, and other facilities remain closed.


Number of cases: 92

#Barbados requires all arriving passengers to quarantine for 14 days, according to the U.S. Embassy in Barbados.

On June 1, the island reopened retailers, parks, and dining in restaurants, according to the Barbados Government Information Service. A day later, the island opened beaches from 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., but picnicking was still banned. Businesses that open are required to implement health protocols, including temperature checks.

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba

Number of cases: 7

Borders for the #Dutch islands are currently closed, and the #Bonaire airport will remain closed through at least June 15. On #SintEustatius, restaurants and bars were allowed to reopen with capacity restrictions on May 29, and hotels can open but leisure flights are still restricted. #Saba’s borders remain closed as well, but the island lifted its “lock-down” order on May 11, according to the U.S. Consulate General in #Curacao.

The British Virgin Islands

Number of cases: 8

The #British overseas territory will reopen its borders in June for returning residents and citizens who will each be subject to a 14-day quarantine, according to the Government of the #Virgin Islands. The islands have a nightly curfew, according to the UK government. Beaches, however, are open from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Cayman Islands

Number of cases: 150

Airports in the #Cayman Islands, a British overseas territory, will remain closed for international leisure and non-essential travel until at least Sept. 1, according to the Cayman Islands government. Seaports will remain shut as well.

Currently, the island has a strict nightly curfew. Beach access is limited to certain days, based on the letter of people’s last names, and exercise is limited to groups of two people for up to two hours. People have to wear face masks in public places, and shopping at supermarkets is staggered based on people’s last names.



Number of cases: Just under 3,000

#Cuba has closed its airport until at least June 30, according to the U.S. Embassy in Havana. Southwest Airlines had initially said it planned to start flying from Tampa to Havana on June 7, but the airport will still be closed. In addition, American Airlines has said it will start operating flights to the island on July 7, The Miami Herald reported.

While U.S. citizens are not allowed to travel to Cuba for tourism, they are allowed to legally travel there under several criteria, including “Support for the Cuban People,” which requires that travelers have a “full-time schedule” of activities that “enhance contact with the Cuban people, support civil society in Cuba, or promote the Cuban people’s independence from Cuban authorities.”


Number of cases: 20

The #Curaçao International Airport is closed to arriving passengers, according to The Curaçao Tourist Board. Additionally, while Curaçao, a territory of the Netherlands, has lifted its “Shelter in Place” order, the island still has a nightly curfew. Restaurants have reopened for dine-in, but groups larger than 25 people are not allowed.


Number of cases: 18

#Dominica has closed its borders to commercial and private flights or boats, according to the U.S. Embassy in Barbados. The country also has a curfew in place at night.

Dominican Republic

Number of cases: More than 17,700

The #DominicanRepublic has closed its borders to land, sea, or air arrivals, according to the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism. Additionally, masks are required in all public places and a curfew is in place at night, according to the U.S. embassy there.


Number of cases: 23

#Grenada is looking at June 30 as a possible date for re-opening its borders, according to its prime minister. In order to do so, he said procedures have to be in place, including ensuring hotels have sanitation protocols. Charter flights, however, may resume earlier than that.

Grenada remains under a state of emergency, according to NOW Grenada, but beaches are accessible during morning hours.



Number of cases: 162

The quarantine on the #French island was lifted on May 11, the #Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board shared with Travel + Leisure, but the island still remains closed to tourism.

In the meantime, you can virtually dive into the sights and sounds of Guadeloupe through the tourism board’s dreamy Instagram stories.


Number of cases: More than 2,200

On June 2, Airlines was authorized to fly from Port au Prince to Fort Lauderdale, according to the U.S. Embassy in #Haiti, which added it was unaware of “any flights from Haiti to the United States after June 02 or if any flights will be authorized in the future.”

In March, the country shut its land border with the Dominican Republic and suspended flights from several areas, including Europe and Canada, according to the Miami Herald. There is a nightly curfew in place.


Aerial view of Pellen Island in Jamaica.

Number of cases: More than 580

Order in Place: #Jamaica allowed most people to return to work on June 1 and bars have been allowed to reopen with capacity restrictions, according to the Jamaica Tourist Board. A nightly curfew, however, remains in place.

While the Jamaica Information Service has said protocols are being reviewed to reopen tourism, Southwest has said it intends to resume flights from Baltimore and Orlando to Montego Bay on June 7.


Number of cases: 200

All arriving passengers to the #French island of #Martinique, except for those from Guadeloupe, must quarantine for 14 days, according to the Prefecture of Martinique. Additionally, the island has a nightly curfew in place, according to the U.S. Embassy in Barbados.

On March 23, the island closed the airport to most international flights, as well as canceled scheduled cruise stops, the Martinique Tourism Authority noted.


Number of cases: 11

 The #British overseas territory has a nightly curfew and gatherings are limited to four people or less, according to the UK government. On May 22, the government of #Montserrat allowed restaurants to open for delivery or take-out services and for salons to reopen for appointments.

Puerto Rico

tourist stands on a beach in Puerto Rico

Number of cases: More than 3,900

Order in Place: #PuertoRico started reopening businesses and public areas like beaches for exercise and restaurants with capacity restrictions on May 26. While the island’s phased reopening has started, a nightly curfew remains in effect and face masks are mandatory in public.

All visitors to the island may be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, regardless of symptoms and all commercial flights are being diverted to San Juan, according to Discover Puerto Rico. Rapid COVID-19 testing is also being offered there. Additionally, hotels on the island remain open, but amenities like pools are closed.

St. Barthélemy

Number of cases: 6

This island, commonly known as #StBarts, had a deconfinement plan in place from May 11 to June 1, which allowed people to be in public spaces if social distancing was observed, according to the U.S. Embassy in Barbados.

But if you can’t get to the beautiful island right now, you can feel like you’re there with a creative Zoom background (just don’t forget a glass of French wine to go with it).

St. Kitts and Nevis

Number of cases: 15

The border of #SaintKitts and Nevis is currently closed to international travel, according to the Prime Minister.

Additionally, the island has a nightly curfew and while residents can check out the beach, they have to do so during early morning weekday hours only, according to the U.S. Embassy in Barbados. Face masks are required in public areas.

Sint Maarten

Number of cases: 77

 The #Dutch territory is currently closed to tourism and is “very much dependent on the health situation of other countries COVID-19 to be under control before we can feel comfortable opening our borders to the world and traveling Public,” according to the Prime Minister.

On May 11, #SintMaarten lifted its “shelter-in-place” order, according to the U.S. Consulate General in Curacao, but a nightly curfew remains in effect.

St. Martin

Number of cases: 41

Like its #Dutch counterpart, #SintMaarten, there are no commercial flights to get to the French side of the island.

St. Lucia

Pigeon Beach, Saint Lucia

Number of cases: 18

#SaintLucia started welcoming visitors back to the island on June 4, requiring them to show proof of a negative coronavirus test taken within 48 hours of boarding a flight. Visitors will also have to wear face masks and health authorities could conduct temperature checks on arriving passengers. In addition, the island is requiring hotels to apply for a COVID-19 certificate from the government that addresses several safety protocols like cleaning measures and enforcing social distancing.

Businesses on Saint Lucia have been allowed to reopen, but they must have protocols in place for social distancing and disinfecting surfaces.

And if you can’t get there immediately, you can virtually escape to the islandthrough an Instagram mini-series.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Number of cases: 26

While #SaintVincent and the #Grenadines’ airport remains open, there are no commercial flights, according to the U.S. Embassy in Barbados. All people arriving from several countries, including the U.S., are subject to a 14-day quarantine.

Trinidad and Tobago

Number of cases: 117

#Trinidad and #Tobago entered Phase 2 of its reopening plan in May, according to the U.S. Embassy there. While street vendors have been allowed to resume and restaurants are open for take-out, dine-in is not. Additionally, outdoor exercise is allowed, but face masks must be worn.

Turks and Caicos Islands

#Turks and Caicos plans on reopening to tourists on July 22, utilizing new protocols for things like personal protective equipment and training, which officials said will be detailed in the coming weeks. The Grand Turk Cruise Center, however, will remain closed until August 31.

The British overseas territory initially closed its borders in March, shutting the airport to both regional and international flights and closing seaports, according to the government. There is currently a nightly curfew in place on the islands, face masks are required to be worn in public places, and on June 5, Turks and Caicos will allow retail businesses to reopen. Restaurants are expected to reopen on July 6.

United States Virgin Islands

Number of cases: 70

The U.S. Virgin Islands reopened to tourists on June 1 with rules in place for cleaning and housekeeping protocols as well as taxis. While the island is now welcoming visitors, however, the U.S. territory remains under a state of emergency through July 11. #USVI

People on the island are required to wear masks when entering a business, gatherings are limited to 10 people, and bars and restaurants are limited to 50 percent capacity restrictions, according to the territory.

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May 23, 2020

#CaribbeanIslandsVacations #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 #JessKalinowsky

When you are dreaming of a vacation made up of palm trees, white-sand beaches, and turquoise waters, look no further than the Southern Caribbean islands. Located south of the Dominican Republic, these islands consists of exclusive and exotic destinations that appeal to any type of traveler.

The Southern Caribbean is made up of the islands of #Aruba, #Bonaire, #Curaçao, #Barbados, #StLucia, #Grenada, #StVincent and the #Grenadines, #Dominica, and #Martinique.

The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) are a popular family destination with a variety of restaurants, bars, and hotels. Other islands, such as Grenada and Dominica, are full of national parks, rainforests, and outdoor adventures.

One of the greatest draws of the Southern Caribbean region is that most of its islands fall outside of the hurricane belt in the Caribbean, so you will likely avoid a major storm during your vacation.

These are some of the best Southern Caribbean islands to visit during your next getaway.


Beautiful aerial view of white beach in Aruba


Considered the sunniest island in the Caribbean, Aruba is the perfect place to visit year round, as it has the least amount of rainy days on average than any of the other surrounding islands.

Known for its mix of sandy stretches of coastline near #Oranjestad, Aruba also has plenty of natural wonders to explore, like rock pools, caves, and volcanic lava formations.


One of the main attractions of Bonaire is the Bonaire National Marine Park, a treasure trove for scuba divers who are interested in exploring one of the world’s largest reef ecosystems.

If you don’t have your scuba certification, experience the wonders of the park by snorkeling, booking a boat tour, and engaging in other fun water activities by the reef.

White sand Te Amo Beach in Bonaire

Te Amo Beach, Bonaire

You can also cycle along the coastline, spend a relaxing day on Te Amo Beach (a.k.a. “I Love You” Beach), windsurf at Lac Bay, or spot bright pink flamingos (the island’s official bird) while enjoying lunch by the shore.


Colorful buildings of Willemstad, Curacao at night

Willemstad, Curacao

Stroll along the colorful, #Dutch colonial-style buildings that line the #Handelskade waterfront and visit the Willemstad city center (a #UNESCO World Heritage Site) on a vacation to Curaçao.

Adventurers will want to step inside the island’s Hato Caves and marvel at its limestone formations, while animal lovers won’t want to miss visiting one of the island’s 30 aquariums, where you’ll be able to interact with sea lions, swim with stingrays and dolphins, and even feed sharks–if you dare!

Don’t forget to cap off the day with a stop at a local distillery and try a glass of the island’s famous blue Curaçao liqueur, too.


Promenade in Bridgetown, Barbados, Southern Caribbean Islands

Bridgetown, Barbados

If you are a rum fan, you will especially enjoy Bridgetown, Barbados, home to the world’s oldest rum distillery. Learn all about the island’s signature liquor on a tour and tasting at Mount Gay Visitors Centre, which has been distilling rum for over 300 years.

When you are looking for a little more activity, take a catamaran out to shore and swim with leatherback turtles in the ocean, or schedule a snorkeling session through a sunken shipwreck. Of course, no one will judge you if you choose to simply enjoy a rum punch while lounging on one of Bridgetown’s beautiful beaches, either.

St. Lucia

The lush green landscape of St. Lucia is distinguished by the Pitons, two impressive volcanic peaks that provide a dramatic backdrop for the entire island. When you visit Castries, the island’s capital, you will find plenty of outdoor adventures to enjoy, like hiking the Piton mountains or driving by an active volcano.

Water flowing on rocks in Sulphur Springs, St. Lucia

Sulphur Springs, St. Lucia

When you are seeking a little more R&R, spend a day relaxing at the luxurious Sugar Beach or take a mud bath at Sulphur Springs, where all of your worries will melt away in one of their therapeutic sulfuric pools. Take the kids to Splash Island, where there are plenty of slides and fun water attractions to keep them busy.


You will know you are in Grenada the second you step foot on the island and take a whiff of its scented air. Nicknamed “Spice Island,” Grenada’s major exports include aromatic cloves, ginger, and cocoa, which you can enjoy and learn more about during a spice tour in St. George’s, the island’s major port city.

Beautiful Annandale Falls flowing smoothly in Grenada

Annandale Falls, Grenada

Take a break from swimming in the ocean and head to Annandale Falls, where you can admire the 30-foot high waterfalls and even jump off from the top. Journey down the island’s Grand Etang Rainforest Reserve while lying on a river tube.


Emerald Falls surrounded by lush greenery in Dominica

Emerald Falls, Dominica

There is a reason why Dominica is called “Nature Island”. With over 300 waterfalls, tropical forests, mountains, and hot springs, this is the place to go if you are looking for some quality ecotourism.

In the city of Roseau, you can choose any variety of adventures, including hiking up to Boiling Lake, the world’s second-largest hot spring; snorkeling in Champagne Reef, where you’ll be surrounded by fizzy bubbles during your dive; and swimming in the crystal waters of Emerald Pool inside Morne Trois Pitons National Park.


Colorful houses in Fort-de-France, Martinique with mountain backdrop

Fort-de-France, Martinique

In Fort-de-France, Martinique, relax on the island’s serene beaches or discover the magic of its tropical rainforest. As the largest city in the French West Indies, Fort-de-France is also one of the best places to try French and Creole cuisine in the Caribbean, and a glass of local rum, too.

History buffs will be thrilled to visit the island’s plantations and military forts, while the sportier types can kayak through mangrove bays.

St. Vincent

Wooden arch in Grenadines Botanic Gardens, St. Vincent

Grenadines Botanic Gardens, St. Vincent

As one of the more underrated islands of the region, St. Vincent possesses all the charm of the Caribbean.

When you visit the capital of Kingstown, you’ll be able to experience the life of a pirate as you board a schooner or catamaran and sail along the coast of the island, spend some quiet time admiring the serene St. Vincent Botanical Gardens, or lay out on one of the island’s unique black-sand beaches.

How to See the Best Southern Caribbean Islands: EMAIL #JessKalinowsky

Celebrity cruising to the Southern Caribbean islands

A Southern Caribbean cruise is another great way to discover these exotic islands for yourself. Instead of limiting yourself to visiting just one country on your vacation, or having to book multiple trips to and from airports and hotels, a cruise will take you from one dreamy Caribbean destination to another in modern luxury style.

Enjoy indulgent days at sea on a luxury cruise ship and enjoy world-class dining experiences, watch thrilling live shows, and dream the night away in an innovative and stylish stateroom. Caribbean cruiseexcursions make it easy to see the best Southern Caribbean islands and all they have to offer with virtually none of the planning.

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May 22, 2020

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Palm Island Resort Reservations 24/7/365

Privacy reigns at this exclusive island resort in the Caribbean archipelago of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where the 135-acre property is the setting for just 43 guest rooms and cottages. All have verandas for taking in the sea and lush garden views, cheerful tropical décor (lots of bamboo, wicker, and bright splashy prints), and woven rattan ceilings. (There’s air-conditioning, but you’ll likely prefer to let the breeze in through the louvered windows.) The beach, with its talcum-soft sand and turquoise shallows, is postcard-perfect, and the massive free-form swimming pool—waterfall-fed and surrounded by boulders (and servers bearing cocktails)—is no slouch, either.

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Buccament Bay Resort is a brand new 5 star hotel in the Caribbean

This 5 star all inclusive luxury beach hotel is located on the stunning Caribbean island of St Vincent, surrounded by lush green mountains and rainforest with a beautiful white sand beach. Buccament Bay Resort is the perfect holiday destination for all the family, offering a variety of activities to cater for all interests, including the Liverpool Football Club Soccer School,

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